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7 Easy Steps to get a quote on a Skid Unit

Step 1 : Pump model

Select a pump model*

Pump with control panel, skid frame and no valve. (vitaulic inlet)

Step 2 : Manifold

The manifold is already included with pumps of the TW type.

When you choose the hose reel and/or the pre-connect hose tray, the associated ball valves are already included on the manifold

Select a tank fill*

Manifold options (optional 4 max)

Step 3 : Water tank

Select your water tank*

For other dimensions, specify by clicking the special sized tank box.

Step 4 : Hose reel

Select a hose reel (optional 2 max)

Hose reel option (optional)

Booster hose (optional)

Step 5 : Foam System

Select your foam system (optional)

Step 6 : Suction

Select a suction*

Suction options (optional)

Step 7 : Option

Select a hose tray (optional)

Select a storage frame (optional)

Select a can fill hose (optional)


Select a whip line (optional)

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Projected Purchase
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