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The winner of our FDIC contest is : Monsieur Sylvain Modérie and Monsieur Joël Sauvé. Congratulations!



Stephan Thibault, President of CET Fire Pumps, a North American based fire suppression and equipment manufacturer, attended the recent international trade show. “With the demand for CET products growing, the depth and breadth of our product line has taken on a more international flavour”. Here in North America and around the world, CET is the company that brings the predictable and un-predictable, to the eyes of first responders, all over the world.

This years’ FDIC allowed CET to showcase a complete, freshly engineered, line of modular Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS). In addition to these systems, CET’s hallmark pump product showed a broad new depth in performance, modularity, and fuel alternatives. See the additions to the CET line-up at their newest site www.fire-pump.com.

With the completion of the addition to the Indianapolis convention center, CET took full advantage of its’ large new space to showcase a full line of skid unit (drop-in) equipment. The world is fast recognizing the great value these small, but powerful, units offer.

Demonstrating their innovation and willingness to look outside the box, CET debuted to the world a new multi roll emergency vehicle platform that can transport like a brush truck, crawl like a four wheel drive or ATV, yet into fit the smallest of spaces. From fire suppression, to rescue tool delivery, to collapsed space rescue, word is this will be the “Hummer” of the fire/rescue service.


CET Fire Pump is proud to launch is new SKID UNIT BUILDER.

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