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CET fire Pumps manufacturers a variety of foam trailers from 150 to 2,000 gallons. These versatile trailers are ideal for use in Industrial, commercial, municipal and forestry environments.

Foam trailers provide a very effective tool for airport fuel storage and power plant installations.


  • Foam is needed for any fire or spill involving flammable or combustible solids or liquids
  • Water will not float on hydrocarbon products such as gasoline or diesel fuel.
  • Water used on a fire in a contained area may sink, runoff or overflow.
  • Foam reduces toxic and flammable vapors given off by fuels.


Unit is to be installed on a double axle trailer:
  • Heavy duty steel trailer w/steel floor
  • Trailer to be painted red
  • Plate form trailer dimension to be 11’ long x 5’ between the fenders
  • Tandem axles : 7,000 lbs
  • Electric brake
  • 7 Pins trailer plug
  • Sealed DOT LED lights
  • 2-5/16” ball attachment assembly
  • Front jack w/7,000 lbs. capacity
  • Two (2) rear 5,000 lbs. downrigger stabilizers
  • Two (2) Steps, one each side, located on the front of each fender


Side, Front and Rear DOT stripping shall be applied on each side of the trailer. DOT stripping will be red and white reflective stripes.


Two (2) foam tote tanks shall contain 265 (or 330) gallons of foam concentrate each, measuring 48” x 40” x 46” high each and shall be UV protected. Each tote shall have two (2) opening: one (1) 6” on the top with cap and one (1) 2” ball valve outlet at the bottom. Each tote shall have a pressure/vacuum vent on the top. Each tote shall be protected by a tubular steel grid. Each tote shall be DOT approved.

The trailer shall have a quick and safety tote connector to replace empty tote by full tote.

Two (2) 265 (or 330) gallon bulk container tote tanks shall be supplied empty.


There shall have a 1-1/2” stainless steel rigid tube from the totes to the front of the trailer. Each tote shall be connected to the 1-1/2” pipe with a flexible hose and a 2” Cam-lock fitting for an easy connection. A 1-1/2” Fire Type quarter turn swing-out valve shall be installed at the front of the stainless steel tube.


All piping shall be stainless steel piping, painted red. The water inlet piping shall consist of a 4» manifold tube. The piping is secured on the front side of the platform of the trailer.

The inlet overboard shall have two (2) 4” Storz connections with cap and chain, one (1) on each end of the manifold.

One (1) 4” pressure gauge shall be tapped into the manifold tube and shall be easily readable from ground.

One (1) 3/8” brass drain shall be tapped into the manifold.


One (1) monitor shall be supplied and installed centered of the water manifold.

The monitor shall be provided with tiller bar control and manual friction brake operation and be able to travel 360° horizontal and 150° vertical. The full 3” waterway delivers efficient flows up to 1250 gpm.

One (1) self-educting nozzle designed for educting foam at flow rates up to 1000 gpm shall be provided and installed on the monitor. The nozzle shall have spring loaded baffle that allow flow setting selection of 350, 500, 750 or 1000 gpm with a simple push and turn of the baflle head. The nozzle shall have an adjustable metering head with pick up rates 1% & 3% plus 6% for 350 & 500 gpm and 1% & 3% for 750 & 1000 gpm.

The monitor shall be gated with a 3” full flow Fire Type quarter turn swing-out valve off the water manifold.
The plumbing shall be 3” stainless steel.


Two (2) hose trays made from 0.100” bright aluminum diamond plate, dimensions are 48” Long X 8” High X 12” Wide, shall be provided with canvas and net. Each compartment shall be capable of holding 200’ of 1-3/4” hoses.

The compartments shall be installed over the wheel well, one (1) on the left (driver) side and one (1) right (passenger) side. The compartments shall be secured properly to the top of the wheel well.


CET warrants to the original purchaser that CET will, at its election, either replace or repair any part of the new equipment sold to the purchaser hereunder which has been given no abnormal use; and which has received proper maintenance; and which is determined by CET to be defective in material or workmanship; and which has, within one (1) year after delivery to the purchaser be returned at the purchaser’s expense, with transportation charges prepaid, to CET factory OR which has, within one (1) year after delivery to the purchaser, been pre-approved by CET for a third-party to perform the work. All problems shall be reported to CET in writing and damaged parts shall be returned to CET.


  1. CET incurs no liability under this warranty or otherwise for parts, accessories or components not manufactured by it, but purchased for assembly into the equipment, but CET will assign to the Purchaser whatever warranty rights are extended by the supplier of such part, accessory or component
  2. CET incurs no liability under this warranty or otherwise, for equipment which has been abused, altered or improperly maintained, or for equipment which has been returned for inspection or repair more than ten (10) days after defect complained of has been or should have been discovered by the Purchaser, or Equipment which is operated after the defect has been discovered.
  3. CET incurs no liability for alteration or repairs unless the Purchaser first receives CET / written consent or approval. CET will not be responsible for work or repairs made or done by others.
  4. CET incurs no liability for design alterations, parts, accessories or components which are not standard but are specified by the Purchaser for incorporation into the equipment.


CET shall not be liable for transportation charges either in shipment to or by it and shall not be liable for loss of use, or consequential damage of any kind in connection with the sales, alteration, repair or replacement of any equipment or part thereof. Liability under this warranty is limited to replacement or repair and in any event shall not exceed the purchase price paid. This warranty is not transferable by the Purchaser. CET reserves the right to make changes in design or add any improvements to the Equipment at any time without incurring any obligation to install or modify same on other equipment previously supplied. There are no other warranties, conditions or representations, expressed or implied, except the above.


Materials, parts, or procedures used are subject to change at manufacturer’s discretion at any time to provide equal or better product.



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